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Gather the Program participants within a shared repository : Startups, Mentors, VCs, Business partners.

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Organize your Program events in a calendar and use it to communicate with the startups.

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Track the evolution of your startups KPI to measure your program performance.

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Connect your program easily with multiple tools such as Slack or F6S.

Gathering in one program

Describe your program and the managing team.
  • Program history, target industry, requirements for startups…
  • Cohort list
  • Managers and advisors team
  • Slack workspace
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Startups, Mentors, Partners, VC

Easily retrieve all the people and the organizations involved in the program.
  • Team members
  • Keywords
  • Full text search engine
  • News


Display a complete overview of your program, organized by event or by attendees.
  • Make it public or private
  • Invite startups, people, mentors…
  • Upload attach files & documents
  • Guest tracking
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Track the evolution of your startups with KPI.
  • Revenues, employees, customers,
  • technology, patent, investments
Consolidate the Startup KPI and the calendar events to measure your program performance.
  • Program activities
  • Aggregated activities
  • Aggregated Startup KPI
  • Download into CSV
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The program integrates easily with various tools such as Slack and F6S.
  • Send direct messages via Slack
  • Import startups from F6S
  • Export different lists of data from the program
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GSA Testimonial

"Gi2 delivers a turnkey solution for running accelerator programs efficiently. The meetings between mentors and startups are now easy to organize and are automatically reported in our dashboards."

M. Martin GUERIN - Martin GUERIN, CEO, Luxembourg-City Incubator

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